Disc Cutting Machine

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It consists of four modules

- Mass gauge
Built on compact frame in SAE 1020.
Composed of two ø120 rolls of SAE 4140 material, machined, ground and treated with Hard Chrome of the matte type.

- Cutting table module
Integrated by a rotary cutting mold, it includes edges in Stainless Steel AISI 304 and by a flour equipment (optional).
Types of rotary cutting molds
Empanada, Pascualina, Minitarta, Cupcakes, Copetín, etc.

- Vacuum table module
It constitutes the cutting and transfer of the polyethylene separator with its respective transversal and longitudinal cut.

- Compact module
Conformed by a ramp and stacking table.

Electronic program with speed variations commanded by a PLC.
Operative management from a touch screen LCD.
Performance: 3600 dozens p/h.

For more information watch the video below