Personalized advice
Large, medium and small companies

We provide personalized attention and advice service. Our team of professionals work on proposals that generate value and the best cost-benefit ratio.

Visits to plant
Ask about our options

We have units of visits to the plant. We also carry out the design and layout of projects. Providing the delivery of electrical drawings and instructional manual for the operator.

Post-Sale and Warranty
Committed to quality

GR. MAQ considers it essential to maintain ties with its customers, based on trust and excellence in service. We have a specialized after-sales service, warranty and technical service.

Installation and commissioning
Of our machines and spare parts

We have a highly trained team, willing to provide the best installation and commissioning service of our catalog of machines and equipment.

Spare Parts and Special Parts
We are manufacturers

We carry out, develop and manufacture spare parts and special parts for our own machinery and those of other brands. For more information see our parts and accessories for your equipment.

Custom design and manufacturing
Machinery for specific applications.

Consult our specialized machinery service, adapted to the specific needs of our customers.